New Place, New Drink, New Food

Alan Rust and Shelby Rust

Author: Alan Rust

When I move to a new city or visit a city I have a process for finding the fresh cool bars and restaurants. I start by looking through Yelp. I am a craft cocktail guy so I will search for that category as the first step. I scan through reviews and I look at the pictures that patrons have posted. I don’t simply look at the rating because that can be misleading since the bad reviews may have been from the past while things have improved lately. I usually look at the recent reviews to see how the ratings are now.

I visit the few cocktail bars that I selected in my research. You can pick a brewery or a restaurant but my reason for a cocktail venue isn’t just for the drink. A local bar with a friendly staff is a wealth of information. Ask the bartender about their favorite districts, restaurants or bars. Ask them what their customers are saying about places they have visited. Ask them about new places that have just opened and find out if they think it’s worth a visit. These bartenders can be the center of their part of the city because the service industry professionals communicate with each other. Many of them have worked together in the past and keep in contact about food and beverage industry news.

In Des Moines, I found Hello, Marjorie and stopped in for a cocktail. I quickly knew the bartender Josh was a wealth of knowledge and I learned a lot about Des Moines. I enjoyed some excellent craft cocktails as well. I learned a lot from the staff and from the other patrons I talked to.

If you are learning a new place, I also suggest sitting at the restaurant bar to order dinner and drinks instead of a table. Again, this gives you the opportunity to talk to the staff behind the bar. I got some great recommendations from the staff at Cheese Bar on Ingersoll.

At Iowa Tour Company, we make is easy to find the best new places in the city. Let us know if you are interested in new restaurants, cocktail bars, craft breweries, and bakeries. We select the top venues that are hot and fresh. We take care of all the reservations and transportation so you can enjoy your discovery experience in Des Moines.

I hope to see you at Hello, Marjorie so we can discuss setting up your tour experience.