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The stated purpose of a client event might be to celebrate a holiday, recognize a milestone together, or simply say thank you for their business. But there’s also a bottom-line business reason for spending the time and resources that go into a client party: retaining or gaining business. Given this, the stakes for planning and hosting client events are high, and mistakes can be costly.


Let’s face it, client entertainment ideas often end up as a trip to a chain restaurant, and I’m betting not many clients are banging down your doors to attend your seminar at another steakhouse. Sometime between the main course and the cheesecake, the phones come out.

Then, one by one, the whole room checks out and you think that maybe there’s a better way.


Our team works with event organizers to craft an engaging evening for everyone involved. Our tour concept keeps the group moving and interacting with each other. Executives and hosts are able to connect with more guests because each limo trip and restaurant seating allows the participants to mix it up.


You can choose from any of our popular local tours or let our team customize an experience just for you. We only support locally owned venues.